8fold Practitioner Recruiting Guidelines

To become a practitioner with 8fold Productivity ("8fold") usually requires an invitation from a current practitioner. Here is what the process typically looks like.

Interview & participation (step one)

You (as a current practitioner) believe you have found someone who would fit in with the culture of 8fold. You have discussed the purpose, values, principles, and practices of 8fold with them and they seem interested.

You have discussed the concept of bringing a new person in with the other Practitioners.

The Practitioners agree to continue the process.

You have invited them to an event to meet the other Practitioners. It is encouraged that the event have a purpose beyond meeting the potential practitioner; adding the meet-and-greet to the beginning of the agenda for that even, and adding a purpose of voting on whether or not the person should progress to the next stage.

You have given them the homework assignment of defining:

Holding the event (step two)

  1. Share the 8fold corporate calendar with the person and invite them to a specific event. Note: Set their privileges to read-only at this point.
  2. Begin the event by introducing the new hopeful and letting them go through the big three with the other Practitioners.
  3. Continue with the event as planned, with the hopeful participating in the event itself.
  4. At the end of the event, take a poll to see if the other Practitioners feel the hopeful would be a good fit, and if 8fold is ready to take on a new Practitioner.
  5. If there are serious reservations [...].
  6. If the Practitioners decide now is not the right time [...].
  7. If the Practitioners decide to make the hopeful a Practitioner, begin the new member process.