8fold Practitioner Agreement

Effective November 26, 2016

Practitioners are a specific type of 8fold Productivity ("8fold") member. They are the ones who create and own training materials, code, and so on that make up 8fold's sites, services, products, and content ("Services").

Practitioners are not employees and this document is not an employment agreement.

Practitioners are employees (or owners) of their own companies who voluntarily join 8fold to benefit from its practitioner-focused services and community.

Financial commitment

Beyond the basic membership fee described in the 8fold Membership Agreement, 8fold retains (or invoices) practitioners 10% of revenue generated by client-facing work processed under the 8fold organization or using 8fold materials.

Note: The total annual monetary contribution cannot exceed $20,000 per practioner per calendar year.

Time commitment

Participation in 8fold events (and 8fold in general) is completely voluntary. When you attend events you have the opportunity to shape 8fold, set priorities, and contribute to the achievements of yourself, your peers, and 8fold itself. When you choose not to attend, you implicitly agree to the changes made in your absence.

Solution-focused and empowered

Everything you experience at 8fold is the direct result of work performed by practitioners, individually and collectively. We believe those who identify a problem, or care most about it, are the ones most qualified to address it. While you are not required to take on the task of finding a workable solution, it is encouraged. Further, going back to our values, principles, and practices—you get to define and decide the work to be performed related to the proposed solution.

Becoming a practitioner

For information on becoming a practitioner see the 8fold Practitioner Recruiting Guidelines.

Benefits of being a practitioner

Financial. See the 8fold Fold System Guidelines.

Back office. 8fold practitioners have access to various materials, processes, and partners, which seek to reduce the administrative overhead felt when running one's own business.

When to use the 8fold brand. If you are performing work for a client or user which requires the use of assets owned and maintained by 8fold or its practitioners you agree to do so under the 8fold brand name. Further, if you begin working with a client or user which was referred to you by another 8fold practitioner you also agree to do so under the 8fold brand name.

Intellectual property. In short, anything you develop and own prior to joining 8fold remains yours. Anything you develop after becoming a practitioner with 8fold remains yours.

8fold Productivity ("8fold") believes creative work has value and that you, the creator, have the right to pursue that value. Further, 8fold, as a legal entity, not a sentient being, does not create anything. Therefore, intellectual property created, made, or originated by a practitioner is the sole and exclusive property of the practitioner except as he or she may voluntarily choose to transfer such property, in full, or in part. 8fold, however, does own the rights to marks, names, and marketing collateral related to the intellectual property of the practitioner.

For example:

If a practitioner writes the code for a software application, the practitioner owns the rights to that code. If 8fold markets a software application called "Hello World!", 8fold owns the rights to the name "Hello World!", trademarks, brochures, and so on; even if that software application uses the code owned by the practitioner.


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