8fold Membership Agreement

Effective November 26, 2016

8fold Productivity ("8fold") is a member-driven organization made up of like-minded professionals who have come together in order to benefit those we serve. The 8fold Membership Agreement ("Agreement") sets the ground rules for becoming and being a member of 8fold and is a part of the overall 8fold Terms of Service.

Membership definitions

  1. User: A user of 8fold is anyone taking advantage of 8fold's sites, services, products, and content ("Services").
  2. Member: A user of 8fold's Services who pays a monthly membership fee of fifty dollars ($50 USD).
  3. Practitioner: A member who has permission to operate under the 8fold organization name. Further, practitioners are able to present materials created by 8fold and its practitioners. Finally, practitioners act as liaisons between 8fold and the public.

As a user

Users of 8fold Services do not pay the monthly membership fee. They may, however, incur fees for Services rendered by 8fold practitioners or use of other 8fold Services. When you become a known user of 8fold Services, an account is created for you (whether through an 8fold website or other means). Any payments made to 8fold or its practitioners will not be converted to Folds for your account, per the 8fold Fold System Guidelines.

Deleting your account

Deleting your account is a more extreme version of cancelling your membership. If you decide to delete your account, you cease to be a user of 8fold's Services and your account history and details may be unrecoverable.

As a member

This section applies to all members of the 8fold community.

Each dollar paid as part of the membership fee or contributed directly to 8fold is converted to a Fold. The number of Folds you have determines your membership level. Folds will not be held in perpetuity and decay over time. For more information, please see the 8fold Fold System Guidelines.

Your membership level determines whether you qualify for reimbursement and determines how much that reimbursement will be.

Note: Reimbursement may be greater than the fees paid during any given cycle.

Cancelling your membership

To cancel your membership, simply stop remitting payment of the membership fee. After a period of 30 days, you will be classified as a "user", which will result in losing access to member-only Services or member-only discounts on Services. However, if you qualify for reimbursement, we will make our best effort to ensure you receive the reimbursement you earned until your account no longer qualifies.

If your account has not qualified for reimbursement for a period of 12 months or longer, any remaining Folds will be removed by the system. To keep this from happening, it is recommended you transfer your Folds to another member who might take advantage of them.

As a practitioner

See the 8fold Practitioner Agreement.


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