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RA! I am a lean-agile practitioner who believes we have the head, the heart and the gut as our knowledge centers; I am more the gut, right brain, tactical individual with an evolving mindset that feels: People Are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole An organization’s culture is what brings out the best in people Trust is the foundation for any relationship Meaningful work is satisfying and brings purpose and motivation Any transformation, personal or organizational, is a slow journey and needs constant Training, Mentoring, Facilitation, and Coaching I value curiosity, empathy, confidentiality, and listening at level 3 I am a husband, father and a family man, with dark sense of humor Passion for adventure with Touring on Motorcycles, Flying Planes and Scuba Diving I do not like to be in my comfort zone, always pushing the edge in my growth zone, sometimes exploring my panic zone My Spinach is Adaptability, My Kryptonite is excess passion

I am a work in progress and willing to learn and in search of the next opportunity to grow.

Thanks, and Stay Agile!

Ram Bathija | ICE-AC, CTTC, CSP, CSM, PMP, AHF, SPC4 Co-Active Lean-Agile Transformation Coach & Trainer Coaching I Culture I Mindset Culture creates Alignment that in turn enables Autonomy which speeds things up, which Motivates the team’s that become more Innovative and make awesome valuable products that delight the customer.