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I am a trainer, mentor and coach helping people find and nurture their authentic selves. I work with individuals and teams to help them dig deep into self-discovery, and with their new knowledge, help them find the solutions hidden within their subconscious. My methodology is informed by Agile project management, creating a safe space for my clients to bring their full selves without judgment.

I believe that corporations and their employees are at the beginning of a culture shift from profit to purpose. As companies, teams, and individuals begin to make this transition, they are often faced with unspoken barriers. These barriers are usually known or sensed and are often called the elephant in the room. Those elephants remove a sense of psychological safety in working environments.

My vision is that all Elephants can be acknowledged and transformed. That all work environments can be made psychologically safe. That all employees can be fully engaged and creatively solve difficult problems.

In line with this vision, I offer the following services designed to align with client goals:

Other services that can be provided independently or in conjunction with the above: