ScanAgile 2018

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Start date: Mar 14, 2018
End date: Mar 15, 2018

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Let Me Tell You A Story: The Power of Storytelling in Agile Coaching

Mar 14, 2018

Picture the last time you were told a great story about change…how did it make you feel? Were you inspired, motivated, or moved to action? As Agile Coaches we must influence teams to look at the world through a new lens, and storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we have available to help us to do this. During this interactive session you will learn the basic framework to construct a powerful story based on the work of great storytellers, including Stephen Denning, Walt Disney, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs. You will learn about the different types of stories you can tell and which situations are best for each type. Narratives can change the way we view the world, so gather round everyone and let me tell you a story…

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