Music City Agile

Creating Intentional Culture Through Value Based Behaviors

Jun 1, 2017

Every system of two or more people has a culture based on the beliefs, thinking, and behaviors associated with the members of that system. Whether culture is clearly stated and followed or not, it will form. Left untended to form on its own, teams and organizations must endure or benefit from the behaviors that result. Just as Agile methodology and the various supporting processes have a structure of beliefs to drive behavior towards working software, so too does a system need beliefs that drive towards a goal.

Creating culture can be intimidating since it is fraught with beliefs that are seen and unseen. This workshop will walk you through a system for identifying and forming cultural norms for teams, groups, and organizations. Attendees will get to practice building a culture together and be able to take the process back to the systems they are part of whether that be business, family, or other volunteer organizations.

Learning outcomes: