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Weʼre making a lot of changes as we move forward. Weʼre also pretty excited about them and hope you will be as wel.

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Profile of Josh Bruce

Josh Bruce

https://twitter.com/amidknight https://linkedin.com/in/joshuabruce https://github.com/joshbruce https://medium.com/@amidknight https://leanpub.com/u/joshuabruce

Profile of Jessica Katz

Jessica Katz

https://www.facebook.com/liberatedelephant https://twitter.com/ElephantTaming https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeskatz/ http://liberatedelephant.com/

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Where'd everything go?

A change like this can be jarring. That's why weʼve taken the time to move and prepare things.

The content of our previous about page can be found as part of the 8fold Handbook on Gitbook.

Our various agreements with users can be found within the handbook as well.

These documents changed and had a rewrite like the others:

Weʼve changed and added a lot more and The 8fold Handbook will evolve over time. Something we added of note is the Partner member, which means there are now three grades of members and four types of users. Beyond that, the handbook has a lot of information about operating 8fold specifically and a practice generally.

You can keep up with parts of the transition by following this thread on Twitter. You can also keep up with 8fold in general, including the transition and changes, by following the link below and signing up for Folded…

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Folded is the 8fold Newsletter and the first place to hear whatʼs happening next inside 8fold. Itʼs published roughly once a month and sent to those subscribed to the topic areas covered by the issue.