Ask and you shall receive!

At 8fold most things only happen through requests. So, when attendees of our Agile Fundamentals course asked, “Do you have a newsletter or something?” We replied, “Not yet, but we will.”

You are on the ground floor of this adventure with us and we will be evolving rapidly as we respond to your feedback. Hear about the exciting things roughly once a month.

Thank you for the suggestion!

If you do the right things adequately, that’s much more important than doing the wrong things beautifully.

Randy Pausch

There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.

Peter Drucker

Your life and work should not be stress-filled

Our practitioners help you unleash your potential by concentrating on human interaction and iterative design. Focused inquiry combined with a drive for continuous improvement increases critical thinking, self-insight, goal setting, and action identification.

Coaching & mentoring

There is a subtle, yet important, difference between coaching and mentoring. When operating in coach mode, your practitioner elicits goals, problems, and solutions from you without depending on their own knowledge or experience. When acting as a mentor, your practitioner provides you alternative perspectives based on their knowledge and experience; possibly offering problem-specific guidance and counsel. In either mode, your practitioner honors you as the expert in your world—believing you are creative, resourceful, and whole; therefore, you are encouraged and empowered to determine what is best for you.

Your practitioner offers you a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental partnership in your journey. Your practitioner: